We Take Care of Macs and Windows PCs

Mac BallWe offer expert computer help and support in New York City for computers running Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Macintosh operating systems (PCs and Macs). We can help you with new installations, upgrades, networking, periodic maintenance, transferring from old to new computers, printers, scanners, and more. We are known for patience, a knack for solving problems, and for the ability to explain complex computer procedures in simple terms. Windows 10 Start ButtonIf you are new to computers, we can help you discover that they are FUN to use! If you're in a crisis, we are happy to help solve it as quickly as possible. If you've been meaning to get that backup system going, or to get a web site up, we can help you get it done. If you're not sure if your computer has a virus, or whether your protection is up to date, just ask us.

We help you bridge the gap between computer makers, software vendors, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). When your DSL or cable company blames a problem on Apple or Dell, and they in turn blame the problem on Microsoft or Linksys, we are ready to step in and get the problem solved.

If you find yourself waiting endlessly for the computer to finish a task you were just doing, or you suddenly cannot connect to the Internet, or you are getting some strange error message, try our handy online CRISIS CHECKLIST.

Bruce Jaffe is one of those people you dream of stumbling onto when you need something fixed. I don't know anything about computers, but I know a lot about service, and he has mastered it: Responsive, patient, and reasonable (in price and temperament). Best of all, he seems to know everything. When I call and say something like, "I have a blue screen with white messages warning that doom is near," he calms me and replies, "Here's how to erase the evil widget that crept into your computer. All will be well." And so it is. I don't know if he's a genius, but he is a magician. -- Alan Richman, Food Writer, GQ

Tel. 347-623-6242